Simple Content Planner and Calendar Notion Template


If you create a lot of content, you know that orchestrating production and distribution across different channels can be a juggling act. I created this template to help eliminate juggling and overwhelm, and make content creation more fun. It includes:

•A Pillars and Hashtags Page to add your content pillars and hashtags (for use in the Planner & Calendar)

•A Platforms Page where you can add in as many platforms as you need (whether you post on every social channel -- or just write blog posts -- you can customize the platforms with a couple of clicks). Each Platform Page also has sections for you to track your KPIs ( "How much did our followers grow this month compared to last?").

•A Planner Page where you can track your content from idea to completion (plus check off which content performed the best each month/year)

•A Brand Guide, because we all need to refer back to fonts, colors, logos, messaging docs, and more.

•And a Content Calendar (monthly and weekly) to have a bird's-eye view of your content marketing universe.

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