Simple Pricing Calculator Notion Template


The Simple Pricing Calculator makes it simple to calculate your product prices based on your costs, quantities, desired profit margin, and any discounts. Calculate prices, add your products to the Product tracker, and calculate potential revenue and profits. The template includes:

PRICING CALCULATOR: For each product, enter in your product name, SKU, quantity, desired margin, discounts, sales tax. Then add your material costs, labor costs, and miscellaneous costs to the costs tables...

PRICE DASHBOARDS: See your price per item (before and after tax) and profit, plus your cost breakdowns. Know immediately how much of a discount you can give.

PRODUCT DATABASE: Once you’re happy with the product price, add it to the product table where you can keep track of all your products and their prices.

PROJECTIONS TABLE: Enter in potential monthly sales numbers, and see your monthly revenue and profit per product and for all your products.

MATERIALS DATABASE: Add in your most often-used materials so you can select them in the Materials Costs table.

Important Note: this template is intended for informational purposes only. Nimble Marketer (First Light Solutions Inc.) is not qualified to give tax, financial, or legal advice.

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