Simple Budget & Expense Tracker Notion Template


The Simple Budget Planner Notion Template is intended to make budget tracking and expense tracking simple, whether you want to plan by month or paycheck. It was created by a marketer/Notion template creator (me!) who wanted something easy to track my monthly budget without getting overly complicated.

BUDGET PLANNER: Plan your budget by month or by pacheck. Track your income, bills, variable expenses, savings contributions, and debt payments. To start tracking a new month (or paycheck) simply duplicate and edit the previous budget.

Includes dashboards showing budget vs actual spend, cash flow, whether you’re over/under budget (& by how much).

SAVINGS & DEBT PAYOFF GOAL TRACKER: Want to track your savings or debt payoff goals? The savings & debt payoff goal trackers let you do that! You’ll see your progress in the sidebar of the template.

VIDEO WALKTHROUGHS: Learn how to use the template with a quick video walkthrough.

Important Note: this template is intended for informational purposes only. Nimble Marketer (First Light Solutions Inc.) is not qualified to give tax, financial, or legal advice.

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