Simple Lead Magnet System Notion Template


What if you could create a brand new lead magnet that grows your email list and your customer base...without wasting weeks (or months) trying to write and design yet another ebook? The Simple Lead Magnet System takes you through a step-by-step process to use Notion to create a simple lead magnet that stands out and helps to grow your list and customer base:

COME UP WITH YOUR LEAD MAGNET IDEA: Follow the prompts to come up with a list of desirable lead magnets that won’t take you months to create!

PLAN YOUR NOTION LEAD MAGNET: Go from idea to a plan in a few steps, no time to over-think or over-complicate things!

CREATE YOUR NOTION LEAD MAGNET: Use the Notion lead magnet template plus 12 lead magnet modules to quickly assemble your lead magnet. Have questions? I’m just an email away.

CREATE YOUR MARKETING GRAPHICS: Edit the Canva templates to create your simple marketing graphics promoting your new lead magnet.

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