Invoice and Payment Tracker - Embeddable Google Sheets Template for Notion


Are you a freelancer, consultant or other small business owner who works with multiple clients? If you're spending too much time and energy juggling invoices and payments, this invoice & payment tracker is for you.

I designed it to be both simple and flexible, so it can help you keep track of invoice payments whether clients are paying in instalments or in full. (As a freelancer, I'm using it for my own clients, and it's saving me so much time and energy...time I can use for actual billable work :).

Since I love using both Google Sheets AND Notion, I created this embeddable version of the Payment Tracker that you can edit and view within Notion. This way you get the beautiful charts you can create with Google Sheets right inside Notion. And no matter where you make the edits, (within Notion or Google Sheets) your tracker will be synced.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The email associated with your Notion account must be a Google account. The Google Sheet and embed won’t work for non-Google emails.

Here's what's included in this Embeddable Invoice Tracker Template for Notion:

DASHBOARD & ALERTS TAB: Your Client Command Center that shows you if you have invoices due plus key metrics like total amount invoiced (and how much has been paid) monthly charts showing amount paid and balance remaining on a monthly basis.

CLIENTS TAB: Enter in your client info, so you can select it in the Invoices Tab.

INVOICES TAB: Enter in a project/item and assign it to a client. Once you send an invoice, quickly see if it’s due but not paid in full with automatic row highlighting. Easily keep an eye on remaining balances on partially paid invoices. Once an invoice is paid in full, it gets automatically crossed out.

PAYMENTS TAB: Enter in partial or full payments of your invoices, and the Invoice table and charts will update automatically.

SETUP TAB: Customize the months you’d like to show on your monthly charts.

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