Client Tracker Spreadsheet for Google Sheets


Simplify your client management with this Client Tracker Spreadsheet for Google Sheets

Are you a freelancer or consultant? Do you need a flexible client tracker that allows you to track multiple projects per client? The Simple Client Tracker Google Sheets template is for you.

You’ll be able to manage your client relationships (never miss a follow up again), track your deals/projects through the sales process, stay on top of invoices and payments (whether paid in full or in instalments), and track your tasks with ease.

Watch the video walkthrough here:

Here’s what’s included:

DASHBOARD & ALERTS TAB: Your Client Command Center that shows you if you have tasks due, invoices due, or follow-up monthly charts showing how the amount paid and balance remaining for invoices sent on a monthly basis.

CLIENT DATA TAB: Get filterable charts to look at your charts in detail (by a specific client, deal stage, project start date, or invoice due date).

CLIENTS TAB: Enter in your Client details, as well as any follow-up dates. Rows will automatically be highlighted if a follow-up is due.

PROJECTS & INVOICES TAB: Link projects/deals to clients, track the deal stage for each, plus the project status, and deal amounts. Once you send an invoice, easily see if it’s due but not paid in full with automatic row highlighting.

PAYMENTS TAB: Enter in partial or full payments of your invoices, and your charts will update automatically.

TASKS TAB: Easily connect your tasks to a project and client with a single dropdown, track their status, and easily see when they’re due with row highlighting.

TASK CALENDAR TAB: Visualize your tasks in this dynamic calendar.

SETUP TAB: Customize your tracker to meet your needs

Here's a walkthrough of the tracker:

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